Explore Vermilion by racing with your friends – or against them!


Explore Vermilion by racing with your friends – or against them!


Vermilion, AB – Just like the teams on TV who race around the world, 40 teams will be dashing through Vermilion to be crowned the winner of an amazing race on March 16. How amazing? Crazy amazing.

“It is so much fun. Sometimes I wish I was not volunteering so I could join in on the fun,” says Candice to Josh Anderson, who is usually the coordinator, but is taking the season off to tend to her new baby. Her enthusiasm for the event is evident in how she to he describes the event.

It’s very Vermilion to love winter, start your plans here.

“The entire community gets behind the one-day event, creating challenging tests of endurance, skill, talent or just dumb luck. No training is required and no skillset will make your team win. Yes, having someone on the team that can run, ski, jump or throw an axe is an asset, but team work is the most important aspect of the entire race.”

The event is hosted by The Good Life Institute of Vermilion, but businesses, organizations and clubs throughout town volunteer time and facilities for the teams to test their skills. Clues are left for the teams to find the next challenge. Last year, stations varied from axe throwing, pottery creations, yoga, dance routines, wiring a house and even dragging a dummy, while competitors are dressed as a fireman.

Lets back up. When I say dance routines…please, watch the video from 2018 to the very end to see just what I mean. That guy in a kilt, dancing like no one is watching, is the epitome of a winner. He put it all on the line for the team.

“I always like to see what the firefighter school at Lakeland College throws at the teams. Sometimes it’s dragging a fake body through a smoke-filled building, other times you are prying your way through a door,” says Josh.

Contests range from endurance, skill, brain teasers, performing arts and more, and they are all boxed up in crazy challenges.

There is no shortage of businesses offering challenges, so two circuits take the teams through town. While some challenges may stay somewhat the same, Candice and her team of volunteers keep it all under wraps, so there is no home-team advantage. Nobody knows which route they are assigned until the gun goes off. Teams from out of town are invited to participate and see just what Vermilion has to offer.

“The community loves this race, so it fills up really fast,” says Josh. “Gosh, we have fun in Vermilion!”


40 teams of 4

40 sites

20 detours

2 routes

A wrap-up party to announce the winning teams follows the race at the Vermilion Regional Centre.

Make sure you get your entry in before March 1, 2019. Check out the highlights from the 2018 Amazing Race Vermilion events on YouTube to see exactly what you might be expected to do.

Registration deadline: March 1, 2019

Date: March 16, 2019

Registration: 10am – 11am at the Vermilion Regional Centre

Race: 11am – 5pm

Supper and Cocktails: 5pm – 8pm at the Vermilion Regional Centre

Multiple prize packages available.

The cost of $50 per individual (plus GST), which includes the race and supper.

Details of the day, waiver form, registering and payment can be completed at: Register as a race participant.

 If you require additional supper tickets for the wrap up at the Vermilion Regional Centre (5702 – 47 Avenue) they are available for purchase for $20/person (plus GST).

If you’d like your club or business to participate as a site in the race, please complete the 2019 Site Registration.

Read more about the Race of Vermilion via our Festival Overview.

It’s very Vermilion to love winter, start your plans here.

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