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  • Every one of us has looked up at the sky and wondered, what’s up there? For those who want to take that curiosity further, here are five items that will help you view the moon and stars...

  • The Huckleberry Festival at Castle Mountain Resort is many different things to many different people, and that’s what makes it so special. 

  • If you’re looking for an authentic Alberta experience, here’s what I’d suggest; from Edmonton, take Highway 21 south, turn left at Highway 609, then right at Highway 56. Stop when you reach Stettler, and head straight for the Steel Wheel Stampede. This is the real deal folks.

  • After visiting countless Calgary Stampede rodeos, I vowed never to get on top of a bull. That all changed when I visited the 2012 Cochrane SummerFest on a hot July day.

  • I’ll admit straightaway – I am not a huge country music fan. But after attending the Big Valley Jamboree two years in a row, I’ve discovered this annual event is way more than just folks twanging on a geetar about their lost dog down by the river.

  • Summer in the mountains of Southern Alberta can be fickle;  quite often it will take its sweet time, waiting until late July to really get started, and by September dustings of snow can be seen on the mountain tops or even the valley floors. 


    John Devitt

    Over five days in August the World Professional Chuckwagon Association will hold its World Finals in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta.  Starting Wednesday, August 15th and running straight through to Sunday, August 19th, 2012, for a newly added fifth day, the ‘Battle of the Rockies’ will certainly be a mad dash to the finish for competitors from around the world.

  • What makes the Gathering so spectacular is that it has retained a small, intimate vibe.

  • Chuckwagon racing is back in Bonnyville, Alberta and better than ever. The town once boasted a very active racing scene but hadn’t hosted an event since the 1970s. 

  • It’s smack dab in the middle of summer, you’ve got the kids in the car and you’re vacation bound. Instead of spending a boring night in a motel, why not make a stop in lovely Oyen, Alberta on July 25 for the 14th Annual White Lightning Dodge Pro Cowboy Crunch.

  • The Rockies represent the best of the best from dozens of cultures and backgrounds, and the food is the height of this diversity, as Rick found out travelling the mountains.

  • In keeping with tradition, festival organizers have faithfully branded the event as the "Folk Fest" since its inception. But as the years roll on, and new and innovative acts make their mark on Edmonton, the definition of "folk" is getting wider all the time.